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How It Works

Integrating your Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android application with Transporter using our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is a breeze. We’ve done all the heavy lifting by creating a core services layer that allows your app to make straightforward, native calls. If you’ve already integrated your app with other cloud storage services, extending that integration to Transporter will be simple.


Private Storage with Cloud Convenience

Public cloud storage services are convenient, but none of them do an adequate job of addressing your customers’ privacy concerns. If your application is used by professionals where privacy is needed (i.e. legal, medical, financial, education), this issue is likely stopping users from buying your app. Transporter was designed from the ground up to deliver the same great experience that users have come to expect from the cloud - native Finder / Explorer integration, automatic sync, anywhere access, unlimited sharing – without any of the privacy concerns.


Storage Without Fees

If your application integrates with public cloud storage services, chances are your customers are paying a monthly fee. Popular productivity and image-heavy applications can easily consume hundreds of gigabytes per user making it difficult and expensive for your customers to leverage the full potential of your app. Transporter completely eliminates this obstacle by providing terabytes of back-end storage without those pesky monthly fees.


Expose Your App to Millions of Users

The Transporter ecosystem encompasses millions of users from consumer to enterprise that are interested in private storage alternatives. By integrating your app with Transporter, you’ll be able to reach a large and growing audience of users looking to get the most out of their Transporter experience.


Smile Software

“Public cloud systems do not meet regulatory requirements for storing sensitive documents. PDFpen and PDFpen Scan+, our popular PDF editor and document scanning tools, are now able to edit and store documents on Transporter. Smile customers benefit from knowing that their documents are available for review, editing and signing in a private and secure cloud. This is of particular benefit to medical and legal professionals.” - Philip Goward, Founder of Smile

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