learnmore-sync Automatically Sync Files Between
All Your Digital Devices.

Transporter creates one window to your digital world, keeping all your files organized by automatically syncing your document, photo, music, and video folders across your devices. You also have an option to sync only the content you want on a particular device, making it ideal for adding terabytes of capacity to your laptops, phones and tablets.

Access Everything You Want,
Right When You Need It.

Whether you want to watch movies while on vacation or download documents on a business trip, Transporter gives you easy access to your files, from all your devices, regardless of where you are. Everything stored on your Transporter – regardless of size or type – is easily accessible using the free desktop, iPhone® or Android™ device apps.

Transporter Apps
learnmore-protected Everything You Care About,
Automatically Protected.

Protecting files offsite should be easy. The cloud seems like a logical choice – until you actually try. If it takes months to get your files onto the cloud, how long is it going to take to get them back when you need them? Transporter offers the easiest way to protect your files from fire, flood, or theft by automatically syncing files between computers and other Transporters.

Privately Share Anything,
With Everyone You Want.

The cloud is great for sharing a few photos, but what do you do when you want to share your entire photo or home movie collection? Enter Transporter. Starting at just $99 with no monthly fees, Transporter is the easiest, most cost-effective way to share your media collection with family and friends. Each Transporter can support Terabytes of data meaning you can easily share thousands of hours of HD video and millions of photos.

learnmore-private5 All the Convenience With
None of the Privacy Concerns.

Cloud storage services like Dropbox offer convenience, but also introduce a lot of risk. They store your files on shared servers and have terms allowing them to access, distribute, and even delete your data. Transporter solves this by offering all the convenience of Dropbox with none of the risk. With Transporter, all your files are stored on devices you own and control, are transferred directly between devices, and are never stored in the cloud.

No Recurring Fees Or Hidden Costs,
Pay Once and Own It Forever.

Tired of recurring fees? So are we. Hard drives are inexpensive, yet cloud storage services all charge big monthly fees if you want to store more than a few files. That’s why we designed Transporter as a device you buy and own without pesky monthly fees. With Transporter, you can sync, access, protect, and share everything starting at just $99.

No fees